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Create Yourself after a Break Up, Feel Confident, Fulfilled and Ready to Open Up for Love Again!
(Even if you afraid of rejection!)

Wake Up Your Bright Side!

The Exclusive 1:1 VIP Private Coaching Program to Create Yourself after a Break Up, feel Confident and Ready to Open Up for Love Again –  in just 4 Months!
Are you feeling lost after a Break up?
Are you feeling confused about who you really are now?
Does the thought of being single again make your stomach cramp?
Are you waking up every day paralyzed about being hurt again?
Or perhaps you are in your late 30’s still dreaming about having a family but terrified to trust again?
Worried you will be rejected again?
Feeling deeply unfulfilled or low in confidence?

I know this Pain…I have been there myself!

There was a time I felt like losing hope that I will ever feel happy as being ME, feeling comfortable and confident as a single woman. I thought my happiness was based on being in a happy relationship. I remember looking at my girlfriends in happy relationships thinking: What’s wrong with me!? I was always the bridesmaid not the bride! I realized there is a BIG lesson for me to learn and there is a reason that I attracted this to my life. Only when I discovered my True Self, my needs and values, my desires and passions I was able to stand up for myself and re-gain confidence and love for who I am.

Love, Take a Deep Breath…

You don’t have to give up on your dreams, you can stop worrying, stop stressing and stop feeling overwhelmed about your future. Why?

Because…I’m here for you to help you to make the first step towards yourself, your new life.

If you feel ready to:

• Re-claim your power

• Re-discover your True Self

• Have massive confidence as a single woman

• Open up to receive love (Even if you afraid of rejection!)

Join my New Self-Discovery Coaching Program.

Now is Your Turn.
Take The First Step and Wake Up Your Bright Side!


What's Included

4 Months of Private Coaching: 16 x Private Coaching Calls with me (4 sessions per month).

I combine powerful intuitive transformational coaching and mentoring with deep clearing of subconscious beliefs and energy healing for fast and permanent shifts.

4 Months 1:1 VIP Online Coaching Programme

The Power of Mindset

Discover The Victim Mindset

We will dive deep into your current mindset, discovering your limiting beliefs and rules that are restricting you and influence your perception on the life around you. We will identify what mindset practices you will implement daily to set yourself free from limiting beliefs and help you to see a bigger picture the situation.
You will free yourself from limiting beliefs by identifying your blueprint for life a mind map. Not by fixing or changing because there is nothing to fix. You are not broken! There is a lot to discover and to connect to. You only need an open mind and curiosity. With Self-compassion because here there is no judgement or self-criticism allowed…

The Power of Love

Discover The Observer Mindset

This is the most important module where you can connect to your true nature which is LOVE. Without this lesson of self love you will not be able to move or create the next chapter of your life. This is your KEY to create yourself and your life on your terms with passion and self-confidence.
In this module you will be connecting to your emotions and discovering your true self by observation and asking questions. You will allow yourself to FEEL emotions and to connect to your true nature.
You will learn how to overcome fear of rejection and learn how to forgive to yourself and by the same time to learn how to trust your own intuition. You will learn how to boost your self-esteem and love yourself truly.
Love is the strongest force on the planet and you are the manifestation of it.

 Love starts from self love.

The Power of Self-Creation

Discover The Creator Mindset

Why creating not finding yourself? Because you haven’t lost anything, all answers are within you. You only need to come back and connect to this wisdom again.

Creation is our nature, like living and loving. Life is a process and the nature of process is growth. If You are not growing, you stuck in stagnation which it is against your true nature.

In this module you will get tools which will help you to see your potential within you, what matters to you as a human, what are your passion, desires, and if you know already who you are, now is time to discover who do you want to become?

You will discover a Peacock Mindset a mindset of a leading lady, a lady who is confident, happy and not afraid to shine your light. You will embrace your fear and use the power of choice and creation to stand up for yourself and finally discover your true potential.

The Power of Self Discovery

Discover The Participator Mindset

Now you know who you are and what do you want to create. Now it’s time to implement this knowledge into practice, it’s time to take action and go with the flow!

In this module you will take yourself on a date, you will experience yourself through all 5 senses and all dimensions of life. You will really feel how to be You in the world with Others. You will integrate your mind your heart and your body to feel confident and ready to open up for Love again. And remember – it is your choice!

And let’s not forget Bonuses.

Fast Action Bonus unlimited email access with me for support during office hours.

For a limited time only, you will have the opportunity to talk to me in between sessions for any questions, comments, wins, etc. via WhatsUp app.

One hour Intensive coaching before the training as a thank you for taking action and choosing yourself .

Ready to see if we are a great fit?

Do you honestly believe it is a coincidence you are reading this right now? We both know that there is no such thing. Everything that happens to us in life is because at a subconscious level, we have attracted it.
If you have made it this far, something within you knows that you aren’t playing up your fullest potential, there’s something about your life that you are not happy with.
Click the button below to be taken to a short application form where we will discuss if this 1:1 mentorship is just what you need right now and if we will be a good fit.

Because of demand and there’s only one of me, I can only take a handful of 1:1 clients on at a time.
Once those spots are full, anyone else that applies will be placed on a waiting list until a new spots open up.
If you have seen success in any areas of your life , you know that it is only happens when you take massive action. The same principle applies here. So if you are serious about putting yourself First for a change, and finally take control of your life, apply today!

This program is for you if you are open minded, have desire to take decisive action and do things differently that you have been, knowing that if you don’t do anything different, nothing will change. “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – A. Einstein.
If you are done with your old ways, putting off Yourself and your dreams for everything or everyone else in your life, with all those lame courses you never actually watched all the way or all those years spent in painful counselling talking about problems but not actually solving them you now have a choice. If you feel ready to take charge of your life you need to take that first step for yourself and re-discover your Tue Potential, your true nature…Love

“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Yes! I am ready!