Work With Me

Work with me

You don’t even have to leave your comfy warm bed, you can start right there! Why, because I come to you with a message to start creating your life right there where you are!

If you had in mind a tons of hard work fixing yourself and your past this place isn’t for you! I did not come to fix you but to help you to re-discover your true nature. Without any judgement but with love and compassion, meet up with your self in a safe space and have the courage to discover the best version of yourself. Working with you I am able to use a unique blend of life challenging skills and experiences gained from working in variety of settings and diversity of people.

I integrate approaches like: CBT, Person-Centred Coaching, Mindfulness, Humanistic Counsellig and Existential Psychotherapy. I also implement knowledge from alternative methods of treatments like Theta Healing to facilitate change for you as an individual to transform your life.

This is time for You and only You, time to meet with your True Self on a very deep level. Time for understanding and transformation, not fixing or changing but self-discovery and creation, bringing awareness about your own potential and uniqueness. I came to stir up your soul, to ask you questions, to sit with you, to listen, to share, to explore possibilities, to trust the process of life, to discover your true nature – LOVE.

Love starts from Self Love – Start from today!